Driving Bangladesh towards Energy Independence


SREL (Sustainable and Renewable Energy Limited), is a Bangladeshi registered company providing renewable energy solutions. The primary focus is on solar energy for small, mid and large scale deployments.


SREL is a sister concern of Hayes & Haier Appliances Co Ltd, a joint venture between Hayes Bangladesh Ltd and Haier Group of China. It is also a sister concern of Peoples Telecommunication and Information Services Ltd, a former PSTN telecommunication operator in Bangladesh.


    • Ahsan Ullah Chowdhury – CEO
    • Shaniur T I M Nabi – Director

Operational Team

As a Solar EPC with extensive experience in telecommunication sector, SREL maintains a range of full time and contractual engineers, architects and team of technicians. Civil, electrical and mechanical engineers ensure the smooth technical implementations. They are supported by a skilled management, architectural, design and IT support staff to ensure high operational efficiency.

SREL has maintained a classic sense of customer service. Long presence in the industry has provided SREL management with the knowledge, experience and analytical ability in predicting system performance and financial benefit accurately.